Espas is a cultural management consultancy with a focus on the creative industries and the social sector. Learn about us, check out our approach, take a look at our work, or deep dive in our insights.

What we do?

We develop programs and projects that bring individuals, organizations and brands through creative experiences, and connect different communities together to learn, share and produce.

Strategic Design

We practice strategic design to take innovative and solid steps, first for the ‘present’ and then for the future.

We design learning experiences at different scales for those who want to raise awareness, gain competence and manage change by focusing on different needs.

We curate diverse content, people and experiences in different formats and scopes, where individuals will discover new things, get inspired and learn from each other.

We design interfaces, interactions, experiences and systems for institutions and brands, to transform their consumers into audiences, and audiences into participants.


What can you do with Espas?