In a world 🌎 of constant change, our approach stands as a beacon 🚨, harmonizing insights, collaboration, wisdom, and creativity to illuminate your journey. 🏞 With a generalist's lens and meticulous attention, we carve a distinctive route 🚶 ensuring every step 🧗 is marked by your unique vision and needs. 🧮

🔍 Research

At the heart of our approach lies the crucial phase of research, which serves as the foundational pillar for every successful program or project we undertake. We embark on a comprehensive journey, starting with an in-depth analysis of the ‘as-is’ situation, leaving no stone unturned. This stage is all about understanding the current landscape from every angle. Then, with desktop and field research, we obtain qualitative and quantitative data and extract insights. Based on the results, we present the opportunity areas, expected changes and needs for the ‘to-be’ situation.

Questions we can answer:
  • What is our purpose?
  • What are the key challenges that we are facing?
  • How can we meaningfully differentiate?
  • How do we drive a consistent global narrative whilst ensuring local relevance?
  • What are the industry trends and benchmarks?
  • How does the target audience perceive the existing situation?
  • What data, both qualitative and quantitative, can we gather to gain profound insights?
  • Desktop Research
  • Benchmark
  • Survey
  • In-situ Analysis
  • Field Research
  • 1:1 Meetings
  • Listening Circles
  • Workshop

🖋 Strategize

In the ‘Strategize’ phase, we place great emphasis on charting our course with precision and establishing the right direction. This step involves close collaboration through one-on-one meetings with internal stakeholders, ensuring that we grasp their perspectives and insights. We recognize that a well-informed strategy is paramount, so we meticulously analyze and conduct pulse checks through weekly meetings and/or project postcards. Our goal is to ensure that our strategy remains in lockstep with the current purpose, vision, mission, and targets of our client. By engaging in this thoughtful and iterative process, we guarantee that our strategic roadmap is not only aligned but also adaptable to the dynamic landscape of our world.

Questions we can answer:
  • What are the long-term goals and objectives, and how does this strategy contribute to them?
  • Who are the key internal stakeholders, and what insights or perspectives do they bring to the strategic planning process?
  • How does the current strategy align with the purpose? Are there any areas of misalignment that need addressing?
  • What external factors, such as industry trends or market shifts, should be taken into consideration when formulating this strategy?
  • Are there any emerging opportunities or threats that could impact the success of this strategy?
  • What are the core competencies and resources that can leverage to execute this strategy effectively?
  • How will the proposed strategy differentiate the organization from competitors and create a sustainable competitive advantage?
  • How will the strategy be communicated and cascaded throughout the organization to ensure alignment and buy-in from all stakeholders?
  • Purpose & Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Value Proposition
  • Design Principles
  • Strategic Approach
  • Action Plan

💻 Design

In the ‘Design’ phase, we transition from strategy to execution by meticulously crafting the content and structure of the expected deliverables. This stage is where ideas take shape and become actionable plans. We believe in collaboration, which is why we often organize co-design workshops involving both internal and external stakeholders to ensure that diverse perspectives are considered. Through sense checks and continuous validation, we guarantee the seamless alignment of content and materials with other work streams. Our commitment to detail and creativity shines through as we transform strategy into tangible and impactful outcomes.

Questions we can answer:
  • How does the content align with the overarching strategy and goals?
  • How can we ensure that the proposed solutions are actionable?
  • What methods are employed to ensure that the content aligns with the identified needs and objectives?
  • How is creativity and innovation fostered within the design process to generate unique solutions?
  • Are there mechanisms in place to regularly review and refine the design as new insights emerge?
  • How does the design phase consider the scalability and adaptability of the solutions for future growth?
  • How are potential risks and challenges accounted for in the design, and what mitigation strategies are in place?
  • How will the design phase incorporate feedback from various sources to enhance the final outcomes?
  • How is the design phase tailored to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each project or program?
  • Curatorial Approach
  • Program Content & Partnerships
  • Program Economics
  • Learning Objectives & Balances
  • Methodology, Curriculum & Flow
  • Learning Tools & Resources
  • Audience Personas & Journeys
  • Audience Insights & Opportunities
  • Outreach Plan
  • Community Design & Interaction

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