Espas is a cultural management consultancy 🌍 with a focus on the creative industries and the social sector. We develop programs and projects 🖼 that bring individuals, institutions and brands 🧵 through creative experiences and connect different communities together to learn, share and produce. ✨

What we do?

We develop programs and projects that bring individuals, organizations and brands through creative experiences, and connect different communities together to learn, share and produce.

1. Strategic Design

We practice strategic design to take innovative and solid steps, first for the ‘present’ and then for the future. In order to reach the most accurate and inclusive results, we always start with a comprehensive research. We also care about the involvement of all stakeholders, those affected and those concerned.

2. Learning Design

We design learning experiences at different scales for those who want to raise awareness, gain competence and manage change by focusing on different needs. We work to transform individuals through learning programs and try to be their 'companion' in their learning journey.

3. Program Curation

We curate diverse content, people and experiences in different formats and scopes, where individuals will discover new things, get inspired and learn from each other. We focus on enabling different voices heard, championing diversity and inclusion, and producing fresh content.

4. Audience Development

We design interfaces, interactions, experiences and systems for institutions and brands, to transform their consumers into audiences, and audiences into participants. We work to discover new ways to develop audiences by focusing on different cultural participation methods and involvement of communities.

Clients & Partners

We work with leading [in different senses] institutions and brands from many different sectors. We take care to transform the relationships we have established with these institutions and brands into a quality and value-creating collaboration.

Guiding Principles and Values

We deal with all the work we do, the relationships we build and the living things we touch with the principles that guide us or the values ​​we give them.


We are brave, and we’re not afraid to let it show. We question norms, expectations and always ask why. We own our mistakes. We take the time to learn and heal from from them. We do not hesitate to share what we see, what we notice, what we feel. We believe this makes us strong and different.


We hold people to high expectations. We constantly push ourselves to be better allies, advocates and sometimes enemies, if it's needed. We accept the differences in everyone’s journey but we also address outputs, not just intention when holding people accountable for their behavior and words.


We are generalists with broad knowledge across many topics and expertise in a few. We say “yes” to new opportunities, learn the language and dabble in different things. We never stop improving ourselves and we mind our gaps.


We are curious. We are very curious. But while wondering, we do not forget to rein in our curiosities, bring together the things we wonder and learn with meaningful connections, refine them and transfer them to each other.


We approach our work with excitement, joy and curiosity. We love to play. We play with words, concepts, contexts. We experiment, and we indulge in our natural curiosity. We see the play as a natural part of the working and learning process, and do not forget to see ourselves as 'homo ludens'.


We approach everything we do with care. We think that no stage or step is simple and repetitive. We examine each issue we handle with due diligence. We try to give each stage the time it needs, expanding the space when needed.


We are building our team with a generalist perspective. We determine the needs in the programs and projects we will work on, form the teams that will complement each other best, and apply to different experts if necessary.

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